Our objectives

The goals of the University are:

  • To establish an Institution that responds appropriately to the needs of its students, the University community, the Nigerian state and the world in general;
  • To prepare students for scholarship and service in the areas of general and applied knowledge;
  • To contribute various educational services to meet the needs of the community at large;
  • To provide curricula and other services to respond to the demands of a dynamic, democratic society;
  • To provide such diversification of specialized educational programmes as to accommodate students with varying educational and occupational interests and levels of potentials for achievement;
  • To run a University of high standards as a model in quality, teaching and research with technological acquisition and application with an ICT Centre of Excellence;
  • To provide high level manpower in ICT, Science, Management and Engineering;
  • To develop upright and good citizens who are appreciative of dignity in labour through an organized student study and work programme in order to promote the acquisition of industrial and agricultural expertise, and exchange of skills within the University industry;
  • To access University education to the exceptionally gifted but indigent and poor, without prejudice to race, sex, creed or political leanings through a carefully managed University Scholarship Scheme.
Strategies for achieving the objectives

In order to achieve these goals, the University consents to:

  • provide the millennium state of the art facilities and equipment for teaching and learning;
  • through full computerization of operations, through Internet connectivity and provision of Information and Communications Technology (ICT);
  • employ the right calibre and quantum of staff that are sufficiently motivated, trained and with opportunities for retraining;
  • make adequate provision for meeting all capital and recurrent needs of the University;
  • pursue an aggressively linked programme with neighbouring Universities as well as overseas’ Universities;
  • develop a robust programme of study-and-work, such as SIWES and TAAM.